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Milena Suter

«HSLU Läbe» –  Card App

The project took place over two weeks, from 22nd November to 2nd December 2021, in the context of the so-called connect projects of the Master Design at HSLU. Each student team was assigned with a topic and supervised by a professor.

Currently all students, teachers and staff use a chip (RFID) card to access HSLU buildings, buy food, print out and validate their status at school. This system was initiated in 2005 and is in dire need of modernisation. Costs as well as convenience need to be tackled. 

The goal of the project is to modernize and simplify the system for the users as well as the administrators on the backend, while reducing costs. The new solution should be adapted over time to the constantly changing needs of the target groups and has to be multi-client capable. This means it can also be used at the University of Lucerne, PHLU, ZHB and on all the campuses of HSLU. The new solution should be ready for implementation and in use by the year 2024/25.

Problem context

Proposed solution

The proposed solution is composed of two options, both comprising a digital and an analog tool. The first option, which opens more possibilities but implies higher costs, is a digital app with stickers and optional cards. The second option, which is more limited but also cheaper, is a digital card for smartphone wallets also paired with stickers and optional cards. The best option should be chosen depending on possible expenditure limits and on prospective usage of the digital tool. Both proposed solutions give users secure access to the facilities, functions as a piece of identification and can be used for the printer. It also has the verification mark of the university sports and the barcode that can be used in the library network. In order to keep the production costs low and for sustainably, the QR code was selected as the main technology.

  • Benchmark research

  • Stakeholder map

  • Personas​

  • Survey

  • Customer journeys map

  • Interviews

Applied methods

Challenges + learnings

During the project process, various challenges were encountered. An overview of the budget for the current HSLU card was provided, but it was not very detailed. Furthermore, at the beginning it was not transparent which contact would have provided which information.


Another point to keep in mind when looking at the survey responses is that the feedback came only from one department at HSLU since access was granted only to email addresses from the team’s own campus. In order to gain a complete overview of student usage, it would be interesting to send the survey to other departments, too.


Being the project team composed of students, it was also challenging to base decisions on facts rather than on biased knowledge from own experiences. So we had to constantly remind ourselves to stick to the facts.

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