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Milena Suter



«Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.» - Joe Sparano

Since 2019

Video & Multimedia Specialist

iTrust AG, Cham ZG

At iTrust, I conceptualise and produce various video formats with professional equipment. Editorial planning, maintenance and further development of iTrust's podcast and YouTube channel are also part of my responsibilities. In addition, I am responsible for the administrative planning and coordination of external and internal interlocutors for the production of various video and audio formats, support with operational tasks of the website (WordPress) and with the creation of graphics and animations. 
I also support the marketing and communications team with other tasks (e.g. stand design for student fairs, customer gifts, etc.) and provide photographic support for customers, as well as internal events and presentations. 

Since 2022

Lecturer Digital Marketing Manager

Weiterbildungszentrum WBZ,  Lenzburg AG

At WBZ I am a lecturer in video marketing as part of the digital marketing manager training programme. 

The module "Video Marketing" contains the following content:

  • Theory and Best Practices Video Marketing

  • Video Production & Post-Production

  • Introduction YouTube

2020 - 2023

Master of Arts in Design, Major Digital Ideation

HSLU, Luzern

The master program Digital Ideation is a mixture between Computer Science and Design and focuses on creating digital experiences, products, and services that are user-friendly, technically innovative, economically sustainable, and socially relevant. During the master I developed project ideas in collaboration with research and industry partners to create independently managed and viable projects.

2016 - 2019

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Production / Media Engineering


In the Multimedia Production degree programme, I acquired well-founded skills to act independently, efficiently and networked in a multimedia context and to professionally play on different channels with relevant added values.

The job profile "Multimedia Production" comprises three core competences:

  • Network competence: working in the global network and with interactive media.

  • Narrative competence: narrative writing, speaking, filming and designing

  • Production competence: media-specific production of content


  • German 

  • English

  • French 

  • Korean





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