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Milena Suter


I am a passionate designer with a focus on creating intuitive, user-centric digital experiences that deliver real value to users.


Welcome to my digital playground, where creativity meets innovation. I'm Milena Suter, a passionate UX designer who thrives on curiosity and places your audience at the heart of every design journey.



I prioritize empathy, delving deep into users' needs and emotions to create designs that truly resonate with them. This user-centric approach is the foundation of my design philosophy.


Creativity is my driving force, allowing me to craft unique and engaging solutions that enhance the user experience. I thrive on pushing the boundaries of design to create memorable interactions.

Team Player

As a loyal team player, I seamlessly collaborate interdisciplinary with colleagues and stakeholders, ensuring that our design goals are met while fostering a cohesive, supportive working environment that leads to collective success.

Recent Projects

More work

Ihr Zimmerman

I was asked to create a new brand design and website for the carpentry company Ihr Zimmermann. 

Irene Peter

For the Dansevita teacher and hypnosis therapist Irene Peter I was allowed to design a website that reflects her four main themes in a minimal look and aesthetic colours.

Weinrebenkapelle Hünenberg

I was given the task of redesigning their current website for the Hünenberg Winegrowers' Co-operative. Their two areas, the vineyard chapel and the vineyard, needed to be clearly separated visually. 


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